Breath of wind

Envious soul, drifting like avalanche chasing the gravity.   A cause will happen or another reasoning will be birthed. When the eyes meet the light, nothing but beauty is present,   ....how I wish to write more about you, without shading off the real reason I want you closer to me more than ever.



- Life Conversations

Sometimes I sit there in distant anticipation; reconnecting choices and voices in my head.I would allow myself a pause to reflect on the absurdity of life,that sometimes seems abstract yet other times, I’m left in between concern and benign feelings of dissention. Thoughts running wild about random moments,banta and even rogue thoughts that would leave me feeling eerie.Contrary to all this, a different conversation ensued in my mind -a sort of concern and silent acknowledgement of the fact that human beings are self preserving.As broken and dysfunctional as we are, we go on living life quietly ignoring the chaos within and without (as far as the general public is concerned).In as much as we have free will and predisposed to liberal thinking, ignorance and assumption still creeps into our lives and ensues in our conversations and interactions. I’d ask myself why all of a sudden I was saddened by what…

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