I would like to talk to someone,
not on any topic,
but of life and few past
maybe a smile, to be my last.
I lost someone, not one,
characters I wish not to forget
but that will end, for my doctors have no solution.
My friends died one by one,
and only I left to Eulogize them,
for now a void is left,
one that I filll with sad thoughts,
who will tell my story when i’m gone.

He was a quiet happy man,
who loved whole heartedly.
“A good man has been taken”
they will say.
Instead I wrote my eulogy
and a final quote before my journey,
for when i’m gone no one will be there
to tell how lonely I was.

Yes I smile and have merry
but deep inside is a tomb of secrets.
And when i’m gone, they will forever remain secrets.
So today,
I tried talking to people about myself,
made calls and visits
and all they were, was busy.

The busy poets is to be free of life,
and forever his soul will remain in shackles.
For I wish to talk to people
but i’m getting tired of trying.
And so,
they will write on my tombstone ;
“As silently as you lived, forever in silence may you sleep.”
For no one bothered to learn,
I like fire more than casket.

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