They speak of me like I’m nothing,
yet everything.
I was there,
still here
and when my name they hear
their hearts are filled with fear
their eyes crowned with tears
just before I disappear\
taking away with me their dear.

At the beginning of it all
before the gods stood tall
to the wink of humanity fall

it is my name they call.

What became of reason?
Cause they all want me in prison,
and call it season.

I could take away all your pains
break you free from those chains,
only if you stop pretending to be my master.
For I,
the free one has no bounds to your needs.
I watch you bleed
to feed,
your broken lives
with a studious nature
that recognizes not my relevance as you try to understand me
yet, putting me to waste.
I will be among those you hate and love
those who lack and have
whose lives are smooth and tough,
your strength, your comforter.

Will remain even when you’re gone

I you named

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