There is intensified will to do right by others,
charming our thoughts for acceptance to multitude of unknown,
wish for gratification that streams pride.
The change of mind has its own butterfly effects,
randomly targeting our consciousness to mild uniformity that allows us to accept the images brought forward by the reflections of what we desire most.
The truth plays hide and I will seek
for long,
the path has been the same
yet we fail to notice the deja vu
causing the up gain to our lost memories.
The harder we try to fight the will,
the easier it is to feed the lies that lies inside our hearts
like a caged dragon awaiting to be set free.
What is it that come to your mind when you stare deep into your eyes through the mirror?
Does it flash it all like a bolt of light through the looking glass
Like a breeze of waves undecided what nature to take
Warm yet filled with cold.
The fear of our conscious decisions may be fatal
causing bad luck
a pile of unwanted results, need say series of broken links that makes you human.
Emotionally deprived.

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