The last tear had fallen,
like the last drop of Noah’s time.
A period of reflection
as the dust settled on the mirrors.

They had words hanging on their lips
like monkeys on trees.
With free will, came responsibilities
spirited to see me rise again
like grains in a farmer’s land.

The gospel was preached
but to no one did it reach.
They sacrificed the poor
for them riches to lure.

What happened to the dry throats
ones came calling for water?
The deserted wolves in the desert
crawled out fat
and became the mystery of art.

Kind words used
to misuse the kind hearts
sheltered in their huts.

Hateful eyes didn’t see the lies
but heard the screams of the righteous dying
while the rest of the wicked friends dined.

I could have been there to support you
instead I ran away from you,
How could I have grasped the idea of harming you

knowingly that my time with you had reached the end
and it was time to cut loose ends.
To pretend,
I stood there
watched you truly dare
ask me to be fair
in a world broken
and left unspoken
of the love we once
on our lips like music
but never stopped to rethink
before rushing out of it so quick
and never once of it to speak.

Tale of mythology of Greek

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