I know she will do it,
anytime from now, not sure when.
She always keep her promises,
And this one has gone for long, for long without fulfillments.

The tension of suspense has built up a castle,
and only I know the way up, with death waiting at the door,
My life will be cut short.
I feel sad about the disconnection,
and wishes for nothing but solitude, nothing but my wish for solitude.

Time is now,
to say my goodbyes, and will give all my farewell kisses to those I friend.
Before the dark clouds engraves the light,
May my soul burn to pieces, for allowing death to take me this soon.

Sister, let me wait no more,
set me free once and for all, once and for all let me be free of the heartaches and this hole of solitude that fate has restored upon my sanity.
Kill me and your promise will bind.

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