Dark Poem


For thy presence from me has departed,
and your spirit in me has grown cold as ice.
I seek nothing but death,
but that too has been taken away from me.
I am the victim of your creation,
abuse of your master plan,
I have lost the need for your forgiveness,
soothed by pain and hatred.
I use to be mortal,
then you immortalised my life to endure your endless wrath.
I called out for your name,
but not once have you shown your face.
As much suffering there is for humanity,
believing in absence is my only choice.
I always wish for things to change and my hatred for your abandonment to fade like darkness at dawn,
yet all I gather is much hatred and ungraced pain.
I need redemption
bath of mercy and eternal grace to survive the next legion of your unwelcome army.

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