In life,
What kind of Art are you?
The cheap painting done by a great artist
or the expensive one done by a known artist.
What is it that defines your character,
the type of friends,
lifestyle or is it the company you keep?
If you are driven by resources,
you sure as the universe,
deserve less than you surround yourself with.
The state of life is knowing,
you wont live forever,
The beauty of it is learning to live even after you’re gone.
The mystery of life is no wondering what the card holds for you but rather seeing what card you holding.
My days are few,
death is at the door waiting,
I sure have no worries,
other than knowing it was a waste of time living only to spit on the graves of those who held no cards to the life they lived.
The question will remain,
are you worthy the life you living?

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