A woman of beautiful mind is always surrounded by fragrance of love,
respect follows her wherever she goes.
Her attributed way of life is one with nature,

for she knows better to carry herself

with dignity upholding the true self of leadership

and follower at all times.
She cares for those around,
infusing the surrounding with joy and happiness.
A woman of that stature is rare
for her price is just but a mere illusion the price of the universe.
Her smile floods the heavens with glitters,

her voice a music box of weaver birds choir.

She moves steadily,
every step taken,

eyes follow.
Her body though well covered,
the outline of her curves calls for respect.

She is a woman of hope

nothing breaks her down,
she has a helper who is God the Father,

guided by Holy Spirit and hand in hand with Christ Jesus.
She holds prayer

key that hangs around her neck.
Symbol of Hope.
Sign of Perfection.

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