Would I be mourned after am gone?
The spirit that heightens my thinking purposefully diminishes that fact.
Have I not cause so much pain to those alive, let alone the souls I walked over,
running for the chances of becoming a better man than I was in my past.
the truth has been a heavy burden to tour around the world with,
only proof left is the pain marks,
ones that tells of how her death was a blow.
But then,
if I was to give in to demands of man,
would I not have lost the very person who mattered most?
We dont always get what we want,
at times we have to choose to trade it for the almost perfection,
even if it means walking away alone.
Best decisions I ever made was to lose myself for the better of another person.
The attitude,
judgemental thoughts lingering behind our minds,
need to clear for happiness to occupy.
When my world is done fading,
and the only joy around the atmosphere is that of lost souls,
my life will have been for nothing,
so will my sacrifices.
When I’m gone and no one is there to mourn me,
I will take the reason to be what I have always known.
Sacrificing so you will never have to make that call.

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