The Call I Answered Faithfully 

HomeOfLoveTeam is made up of young students who saw the need to help through giving and taking donations to make sure kids in orphanages stay fed, kids in the streets are loved equally, elderly/Aged are cared for.

They give from their hearts and with the little they get they make sure it’s well distributed.
They don’t just donate and forget, they play a role in making sure that, those kids and elderly feel and experience the joy of the kind hearts by visiting the homes and spending time with them. Getting to know them, to love them and care for them as family do.
I believe in the goodness of heart and this team is made up of great brave hearts.


Being an orphan has got a lot of challenges,think of yourself in that state.You have no Dad, you have no Mum,it’s just you and your siblings.You as the head of the family,you have to go an extra mile for your siblings. Working day and night to provide for them and all their needs.

Truly it is a big responsibility for many of us out there. Sometimes you just feel like giving up and many ideas go through your head that leaves you more empty inside.

Only God strengthens a person to keep up with the dream of doing something great for himself and the generation to come.

I give thanks to God for the gift of a family, although it has been a struggle living my mother didn’t give up on us(my 3 brothers and I) She had to go through a lot to keep us as comfortable as possible…

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