Probability of equality

lies within the possibility of our thinking capacity.

We fight to satisfy our ego,

pride and greed has made us blind

an easy prey to those who know less but think big.

Generation born of days,


like climate in so many ways.


fighting over what god to pray.

Nothing is making sense,

your existence is a choice.

Look around and see,

listen keenly,

hear the crying voice,

people dying of hunger

while you sit and eat to die of obesity.

Necessity was once a key word,

now it’s all for one world.

The rich continue to grow richer,

while the poor remain stepping stones.

They spend most time in the highest buildings,

only to end up six feet under.

The world is cruel you say

yet you work hard everyday to make it worse.

They went to school to learn,

all they want is to earn,

building weapons of mass destruction,

in the name of protection,

to end up in hell’s detention.

Humanity is a curse to those who care only for themselves.

Stop trying to make this world a better place,

start being a better base for those to come after you.

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