Her mind is broken by endless thoughts

tomorrow locked years ago.

At the age of thirteen,

to her view she knew nothing,

but the wolves of the world saw her flesh

and wanted a piece.


She was only thirteen,

When her world was torn apart,

and so was her innocence

her future tainted with unending,

painful nightmares,

one no child should have to go through nor experience.


It was few months after the wedding,

not long after the honeymoon,

he started frequenting the daughter in-law bedroom,

With excuse of tucking her in,

all he did was tuck his fingers inside her.


First came crying and all she wanted is for him not do it again,

behind her she locked the door

afraid of the monster that visited her under the cover of night.


That didn’t take long,

her mother warned her against locking the door,

poor woman,

if only she knew,

if only she had clue

that the door was what kept her daughter safe…..






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