I was once alive,

breathing the air that brought about love, joy and sense of humor.

I remember being alive,

and not how it felt to be alive.

That memory died, vanished from existence

I who has walked the trails of desperation

and anger;

should find a soul, for mine left when I lost you.

I see you, but not your face,

maybe my imagination knows better.

I should take myself back,

back to when I was alive,

back to when I was in Love

back to when I knew Joy

back to that point where I attached to humor.essence-logo

By not existing in your world I vanquished your presence from my dreams

and in turn you robbed me of my sleep.

I who dwells in the essence of nothingness,

reach out to the past,

but if only to catch a glimpse of a void I call memories.


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